Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Patriotism through Honor, Respect, & History

I was at a rodeo last night and the flags had passed by.  Everyone I saw had stood up, taken off their hat, placed their hand over their heart and respected and honored our flags.  When the prayer began, shortly after Old Glory returned to the arena, a conversation began just down the aisle from me.  I, mostly, ignored it figuring that the irreverence was between them and God.  

Then, the conversation got louder and louder as people began to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I am so proud to be an American and honor those that have given me the freedoms I enjoy.  I honor them and my country every chance I get and I do NOT understand those who do not. That being said, one does not, in my presence, disrespect our country including its flag, anthem, pledge or heroes

Before I could even think about it, I turned to the woman with the loudest mouth, and held the palm of my hand toward her and said, "Stop! We are singing our National Anthem!"  It was great.  She and others in the conversation shut down their conversation and at least were quiet until the song was over.  I didn't, for a minute regret it.  My rudeness, if it would be considered that, was overridden by their lack of respect and honor.  A friend even stopped by shortly after the anthem was over and said "Thank you" for saying something to them.

So, this brings up the problem we encounter more and more often in this day and time... of how to ingrain patriotism back into society?  

The lack of pride in being an American has been getting worse as we go through all of the division instigated by past presidents, liberals and Hollywood types, causing huge rifts between races, genders, and religious beliefs, on top of the erosion of our basic rights, government intervention in all aspects of our lives, and political maneuvering just to retain or gain an elected position. 

The question has become, "When did the balance of power change from the bottom up to from the top down?"  In other words, "we, the people" are the roots of the government tree.  The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches all form the treetop.  At some point, we, the people, have almost turned from choosing which direction limbs and leaves grow to being dependent on their rate of growth. With too few and shallow roots and  too heavy of a canopy, it only takes a small storm to topple it. 

The resounding support, election and success that President Trump has worked hard to achieve, has resulted in thinning the treetop, thereby, turning this country around and is instigating an awakening  of patriotism from the doldrums it has been resting in. 

We must re-establish patriotism, pride in our country and regain the power of our Constitution. Our country is the Greatest Country on Earth because we make it that way by the leaders we choose, the brave men and women who take up arms and fight for her, and the social standards we set, the morals we keep, and the God that directs our paths as we allow Him to do so.  

Patriotism will result from teaching our descendants the true history of our country, how we gained and have kept our freedom, why it's important and what our Republic means.We must each learn and teach them The Star Spangled Banner and how it came into being.  We must insist that our schools lead our children in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer every day and teach them why we have to remain "one nation under God" and, we must do it at home.  We must establish our leadership in this country, filling each position with Godly men and women.  

Be an example to others by standing for Old Glory, the Star Spangled Banner, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Shake the hand of and thank each military member you meet and have your children do the same.  Pray in front of and with your children and grandchildren.  Go to church and show them that God does belong in this country.  This all starts at home.  If not you, then who?  If not now, when?

Next time you are standing to honor the Stars and Stripes, do so proudly.  I'll be watching....